So today, as I was walking to class at USI, I saw a gathering of people in this little grassy area.  There was a man there with a sign.

Brother Jim Gilles.  He shouted this story at us about how he used to be addicted to all sorts of drugs and fornication… by 6th grade.  The camera guy (named Jesse) didn’t get to tell his story, or talk at all initially.

The highest point of Session One was that just as Brother Jim was telling us about how frat boys want to rape women all day every day, a group of Lambda Chi Alpha guys walked by.  About that time, I had to go to class, so I missed about an hour of the festivities.

Session Two is where the real fun began.  After his initial lecture period was over, Brother Jim and Jesse Cameraman split up to field questions from the audience.  (Jesse is a short man, so he had to stand on this steel culvert thing to rise above the crowd.)  I’m not sure the guy in that picture is actually a Muslim (he was a very white guy, as opposed to the Arab students), but it fit right in with Jesse Cameraman’s sermon-time.  The crowd made signs (no pictures because my camera couldn’t see through the glare on the posterboards) with various things on them.  One just said “THIS GUY IS A TOOL”; another said “JESSE SUCKS DICK”.  Poor Jesse Cameraman.  He came very close to being the center of an ass-beating, though, and it would have been his fault: at several points, he flat-out stated that women are ordained by God to A) make babies and B) make meals.  One girl asked him a question, and he replied by shouting “WHOSE WHORE IS THIS?”

Brother Jim’s question-and-answer took place about fifty feet away, and he got to hold the sign this time.  I didn’t hear much of the context, but he was pointing at people and telling them that they were “x-rated”, and that nobody had ever survived that before (I think).  Jimmy managed, for the most part, to avoid causing lots of anger.  He’s just too hilarious.

All the while, campus security stood nearby nervously.  There were several points where I had to back up because the vox populi turned to “beat his ass”, and I was in no mood for the bloodbath that would surely ensue.

Overall, I cannot help but believe that this was a brilliant piece of performance art that I am lucky to have gotten to witness.  Nobody could actually believe this, could they?